Dental - Healthy Smiles- Annual Visit
Each year we have a dentist visit to Preschool from the
"Healthy Smiles Team"
In preparation for this we have an Educational Week,
where the children learn about Dental Hygiene.
Chicken Hatching visits Preschool
The Children & Parents enjoyed our recent Chicken Hatching
visit to Pre School.
Watching the Eggs hatch & then looking after the baby Chicks was a woderful learning experience for all .
New Mulch For Soft Fall Area
Parents, Grandparents & Staff all help at a Working Bee - THANKS :-)
Sustainability Programme for Children
Composting & Vegetable Patch
Associated Shows at Preschool
The Tapstar & Dripette Show
about saving water- he's the guy in yellow with a TAP for a head !!
King & Queen of Green Show
about recycling and the environment -
you guessed it - they're the ones in Green!!

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